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Designer Furniture Ireland

Designer Furniture Ireland

Designer Furniture Ireland products are a very important export to the market place both here at home and worldwide as the demand for Irish products because of their finish and quality’s are well known and sought after. Here at Designer Furniture Ireland our quality control is of a supreme standard and with product control checks the customer can be assured of a quality product.

When suitable employees secure employment at Designer Furniture Ireland they are serving apprenticeships with skilled tradespersons and are trained up to an expert level to enable them to become a part of a team creating custom made Furniture Ireland designer products for the customer.

Designer Furniture Ireland standard

The standards we set are the standards that we keep and here at Designer Furniture Ireland we source only the very best timbers to work with enabling us to produce the excellent top class finishes that we pride ourselves with .When  you take possession of your commissioned order from  Furniture Ireland you can be assured of the finest craftsmanship and loving care has been given in the creation of this wonderful piece of furniture and with occasional after care you will enjoy it for a very long time.

Getting back to learning about designer furniture and enjoying the whole process there is often an adventure to be had if that is what the customer wants. The internet offers a great insight into creativity and people can use this with their own ideas and have a specially commissioned article made. They can bring this to the team at Designer Furniture Ireland and working with them can have a unique piece of furniture.

The market demands something other than repetition and wholesale furniture products in today’s world and we at Designer Furniture Ireland believe that we are field leaders when it comes to giving the customer what they want. Our designers are always looking to bring new lines and ideas to the management at Designer Furniture Ireland and we promote our employees to participate and offer incentives to promote this. When a customer approaches us to commission some furniture we sit together sketch and work out the dimensions of the work to be done decide on the timber to be used and carry on from there.

Furniture suppliers in Ireland

Furniture suppliers from all over the world offer furniture to the trade but this has to be bought to minimum orders and indeed although nice and affordable and very suitable to every day needs it does not compare to having a unique item fashioned and crafted by Designer Furniture Ireland.

There is always the time factor to be taken into consideration when having something commissioned as this type of work is time consuming and a great deal of dedication to the project is required but the finished result can be an item of such an exquisite nature that the waiting is well worth it. This is something that is timeless and that is so loved and personal that to show it off becomes a joy. All of this and much more provided and created by Tom’s Designer Furniture Ireland.