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Famous Designer Furniture

Famous Designer Furniture

Famous Designer Furniture

Famous designer furniture is furniture uniquely created by people or companies to appeal to today’s affluent society. This furniture is made from the very best of woods to be contemporary in style and ultra-fashionable. Famous designer furniture requires a lot of time and effort in making and this reflects in the end price. The desire for quality and uniqueness in furniture is not a recent fad as it goes back centuries and was commission by kings and queens through their regimes.

Famous designer furniture styles and the woods used in manufacturing has influenced the different periods in history. The Renaissance /Early Colonial / Baroque era would have been the oak period and the Victorian era was mahogany with the other periods using walnut, rosewoods etc.. This gave great distinction and individuality to the beautiful creations that are so sought after today. People are under the impression that the best designer furniture is hugely expensive and beyond the reach of ordinary people but this is not the case as younger generations are often seeking modern new creations. This leaves an amazing selection of antique famous designer furniture available at very affordable prices. Admittedly sometimes pieces are overpriced but with some legwork and careful selection there is great value out there.

Famous designer furniture in Ireland

Designer furniture Ireland has had very notable furniture designers that have left such a great legacy to the industry. A few worthy of mention are Charles Mackintosh He was a Scottish designer and part of the Arts and crafts movement. He is renowned known for his striking chairs using aluminum with colored seats and high backs. Ireland designer furniture company knoll renowned for its furniture design their famous tulip chair, by Eero Saarinen was created in the 1950’s but is still very much prized as a collectible today. The exquisite range of Ercol furniture again a famous designer furniture company which started in the nineteen twenties using Elwood and finishing in different stains leads to a beautiful range of furniture everything from kitchen chairs to sofas and Living room furniture. Habitat founder Terence Conran is another modern day Famous Designer Furniture creator bringing us a massive industry in retail stores.

Famous designer furniture can come in softwoods as well with some fantastic kitchen dressers. Every country seems to have their own unique dresser style from the open Welsh and the ornate French to the hugely popular Irish furniture store dresser. Designer dressers were very fashionable in Victorian times as were all other furnishings as well.

The Nordic countries are very famous for their designer furniture with many beautiful affordable pieces available. I suppose at this point we are all familiar with Arne Jacobsen’s famous egg chair just to mention one famous designer furniture maker. The IKEA stores also use Swedish designer products for their stores.

There are colleges and schools at this time educating graduates for the industry with vast knowledge and expertise of design unleashing new exciting products. These same graduates are setting up workshops and companies and may well be the famous designer furniture guys that we will be researching in the future.