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French Style Furniture

French style furniture

French style furniture

People talk about French style furniture like it is  something modern or new to the market and have only a single style to it. This is nonsense as French furniture has been around for ages in the 1600 hundreds for instance baroque style furniture would have been very heavily ornate beech woods. Rococo furniture developed in France in the early 18th century gave a new meaning to French style furniture bringing a lighter more decorative style .in the mid 1700 hundreds the rococo French style furniture spread throughout Europe after this came the LOUIS XV style with the white /cream painted look becoming popular and the Bergere chair became part of the French furniture style to evolve.

After the revolution French style furniture began to take a new direction in that the lines became straighter and painted furniture became the popular choice. The French regency style furniture was pre rococo style manufactured in the early 1800 hundreds using mahogany, rosewoods and maple veneers. French style furniture has enjoyed an exciting and historical past through many dynasties and would have influenced other European countries to adapt to their styles and fanciness.

French style furniture has seen more changes over the decades than most other countries. Today if you are looking for a beautiful elegant bedroom chair in the French style furniture it would probably be a very ornate wooden cream or white piece with guilt inlay and gold detail there is a definite romantic aspect to seeking and buying something in the French design furniture whether it is furniture from the neo classical style or the shabby chic to the white distressed wooden furniture it creates an atmosphere worthy of royalty.

There are lots of places to find beautiful pieces of French furniture from antique style to the very modern. Just remember to care for your furniture and it will give you many years of joy. When people today talk about French style furniture they need to understand that they are often bringing a piece of history into their homes